Natalya Kuziak – Athletic Director, Roller Ski and Ski Coach 2016-17

Natalya is the former head coach for the club, but will step aside to coach part-time this year on an ad-hoc basis throughout the year. Natalya Kuziak is a competitive cross country skier, cyclist and former triathlete who has been racing consistently since 1978. She competed in the World Masters in Asiago 2013 and Sovereign Lakes 2011. Natalya coached the XC Chelsea Masters from 2010 to 2015, the Nakkertok Nordic Masters from 2008-2010 and the Chelsea Nordiq Masters Citizen Racers in 2007-2008. From 2003-2007 she offered a popular dryland training program for masters skiers in the fall and ski instruction for individuals and large groups. Natalya also raced with and coached the University of Ottawa Cross Country Ski Team from 1992 to 1994. She has coached and managed the Regina, Saskatoon and Saskatchewan cycling teams at numerous races, including two Canada Summer Games, many interprovincial races and provincial training camps. Natalya was the Northern Technical Director for the Saskatchewan Cycling Association in 1988, responsible for organizing both races and training camps. She has completed a number of NCCP and CANSI coaching courses over the years as well as other coaching workshops.


Jamie Kallio – Dryland & Ski Coach 2016-17

Jamie grew up in the Northern Ontario city of Timmins where he developed an appreciation for outdoor winter sports at an early age. Skiing, skating, snowshoeing during the winter and biking, running and eventually roller skiing began at an early age and were routine by age 14. Racing at the provincial and national level for the Porcupine Ski Runner club in Timmins became a year round commitment for seven years. After that, the sport of Biathlon with the National Training Squad became the focus for 3 years in the mid 1980’s. This led to a berth on the 1987 World Championship Team and eventually a spot on the Canadian team for the 1988 Calgary Olympics. Since then Jamie has been giving lessons in skiing and coaching from the club to the international level in biathlon and cross-country skiing. He also has a NCCP Level 3 Certification in both Cross-country skiing and Biathlon. Currently, racing is less of a priority; with the goal now of getting a permanent bib at the CSM.
Peter Lloyd
Peter Lloyd

Peter Lloyd – Dryland and Ski Coach 2016-17

Peter has been cross country ski racing for over 30 years. He has a BSc degree in Bio-Physical Education (Kinesiology) from Concordia University, has completed his Level 3 NCCP and is workingon his Level 4 coaching certification. Peter coached with XC Chelsea Masters in winter 2011 and has been coaching with Nakkertok since 2000. He was one of the lead Coaches that led the Nakkertok juniors to a Team victory at the National Championships over the past 2 years. Many of the athletes that Peter has worked with are now racing on the Junior National team or with National Training Centres. In 2005, he coached the Outaouais Divisional team at the Jeux Du Quebec. Peter works extensively with the Junior Racing Team and high performance athletes. He enjoys seeing the athletes having fun, and continuing to improve in all aspects of their performance. Peter has also competed and coached Triathlon racing and holds a Level 1 Technical certification in that sport. In addition to coaching, Peter is also a member of the Board of Directors of Cross Country Canada.


Dan Mallett – Rollerski and Ski Coach 2016-17

Dan is a Chelsea resident, who has been involved in cross country skiing for over 30years as an athlete, coach and sport administrator. In the 70s he grew up in the Muskoka Lakes region of Ontario and competed for the Southern Ontario Team, where he was a member of the relay team which won gold at the nationals. In the 80s he has raced internationally in Cross Country Skiing and represented Canada in Biathlon at 3 world championships and several world cups. Since then he has coached 100s of athletes in the national capital region where some have attained Olympic and Paralympic results. In addition he has either lead or participated on teams as a coach at national championships, Canada Winter Games and world cups. As a volunteer sport administrator he has contributed in several roles on club, provincial and national sport organizations. Employed as a project manager and engineer he has combined his skills with his passion to work at both the Vancouver winter and London summer Olympic games.
Alex Bota
Alex Bota

Alex Bota – Dryland and Ski Coach 2016-17

Alex grew up skiing in Sudbury and was first transported by skis at 2 weeks old. Ever since, Alex has loved playing outside and zipping around on the snow. Alex raced throughout his childhood, adolescent, and university years, and he continues to enter the odd Gatineau Loppet. However, he’s discovered he enjoys training and skiing as much as racing, and his coaching goal is to help everyone feel a bit faster while continuing to smile. His coaching often involves games, riddles, and other ridiculousness.


Arthur Ayers – Dryland and Ski Coach 2016-17

Arthur began cross-country ski racing at the age of 12 and has raced and trained continuously since. He was a member of the Quebec provincial ski team from 1995 to 1999, a member of the national junior ski team in 1996-1997 and the national team development centre (Canmore) from 1997 to 1999. After a brief stint on the UBC university team during his studies, Arthur headed to Japan. At first he competed in triathlons, but eventually specialized in road cycling, competing in the highest level events held in Japan, including the Tour of Japan and the Tour of Hokkaido. It is also in Japan that Arthur gained experience as a coach. Well known in his local community for his athletic exploits, he was called upon to coach junior high school students in cross-country skiing and to coach the local running team, leading them to multiple successes at regional and semi-national events. Now back in Canada, Arthur is eager to re-enter and give back to the ski community that nurtured his achievements and love for the sport.


Francoise Chatenoud – Dryland and Ski Coach 2016-17

Françoise grew up in the French Alps. In her active childhood and youth, she enjoyed running freely around the countryside as well as downhill skiing, both of which naturally evolved into a passion for mountaineering and later for XC skiing. Françoise was a volunteer XC ski patroller in Gatineau Park for several years. She also certified as a group fitness instructor; she is currently a CANSI level III XC ski instructor. She loves the outdoors, self-propelled sports and the beauty of well-executed technique.


Claire Grall – Dryland and Ski Coach 2016-17

Claire has been skiing with Nakkertok Nordic for as long as she can remember and skiing has been her main focus since graduating high school. She is now skiing with the Nakkertok Junior Development Team and the Ontario Ski Team and has her sights set on World Junior Championships for the 2016/2017 season. She is studying Biomedical Sciences at the University of Ottawa and loves the challenge of balancing school and skiing in her schedule. During the winter, she helps out with technique for the junior Nakkertok athletes and loves their energy and determination to improve. She’s always stoked for outdoor adventures with friends, a fun head-to-head workout with her teammates or getting cozy on a cold day with a good book or movie!


Paul Graner- Substitute Ski Coach 2016-17

Paul was introduced to Cross Country Skiing in high school. His passion and love for the sport was immediate, and for the better part of 35 years it has been an integral part of his personal and professional life. His involvement in Cross Country Skiing includes: being a former high school racer in the 70’s; Southern Ontario Divisional Coach (Level III NCCP) in the 80’s; Cross Country Canada staff in the 90’s; and, a Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructor (CANSI Level III), Course Conductor and former President of CANSI in 2000’s. His skiing involvement ranges from grass-root level programs as a youth leader to coaching at local events, Canada Cups, NorAm’s National Championships, World Cups, World Championships - Junior/Senior and the Olympics. In addition, he has been highly involved behind the scenes in numerous ventures to support and develop cross country skiing in Canada. Cross Country skiing has taken Paul to every province and territory and through out the US, Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. To complement his private lesson roster, since 1999, he has been a senior instructor with the City of Ottawa’s Mooney’s Bay XC Ski School. For the last 2 years he has been involved with the XC Chelsea Masters club, and is very impressed with the dedication and level of skill of this club’s athletes and coaches! Paul looks forward to helping the XC Chelsea Masters achieve their goals and enjoy winter!


Peter Hamilton – Subsitute Ski Coach 2016-17

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Past Coaches

Portrait Cristian Kuntz

Colin Abbott – Head Coach 2015-16

Colin Abbott is a life-long skier who has raced across the country with high-performance teams including the Yukon Ski Team, Callaghan Valley training centre, XCOttawa, Carleton Nordic and the Yukon Elite Squad. He in now involved in competitive and non-competitive aspects of the sport. Currently, he is serving as athlete director for Cross Country Canada, is working in community outreach in the Yukon and is a new arrival to the XC Chelsea Masters coaching staff.

Julie Head shot

Julie Dagenais – Strength Coach Fall 2015

Julie is a part-time Group Fitness and Spinning Instructor. She holds certifications from YMCA-YWCA, Reebok, Canfitpro and Mad Dogg Athletics, and completed her Level I of the National Coaching Certification Program. She has been involved in the Ottawa fitness industry for over 20 years and has taught at numerous community centres and private clubs throughout the city. Julie is originally an Alpine skier and did a bit of racing at the high school and university levels. She took up Nordic skiing in 2010 and has been a strength coach for XC Chelsea Masters’ dryland training program since 2012. Since being a member of XCCM, Julie has completed the Canadian Ski Marathon (Coureur des bois, Bronze & Silver), as well as the Canadian Triple Ski Challenge. Julie is also an avid cyclist and enjoys a variety of other sports including hiking, paddling, sailing, waterskiing, snowshoeing and skating on the Rideau Canal.


Mike Vieira – Assistant Head Coach, Dryland & Ski Coach 2014-15

Mike Vieira loves to coach skiing and has being practicing his passion for his entire professional career. As the first paid coach of Nakkertok Nordic, Mike has coached over 200 different athletes from Midgets to Masters and has recently moved back to Ottawa after spending a year coaching a National Development Center in Canmore. Coaching highlights for Mike include leading Nakkertok to 3 straight National titles, having multiple athletes win age group championships at the Canadian championships, coaching athletes who have represented Canada at the world junior and u23 championships, Canada games and OPA tours as well as coaching athletes on the Canadian National Ski Team. Mike is currently the Manager of Coaching Development for Cross Country Canada, is working on a masters degree at Ottawa U and in his spare time wrestles bears (not really). Mike is super pumped to be helping with Chelsea Masters this year and hopes his ridiculous enthusiasm for skiing helps the athletes achieve their goals.


Tamsin Douglas Instructing Yoga

Tamsin Douglas – Yoga Coach 2014-15

Tamsin is a registered Yoga Alliance teacher who received her 200-hour certification from Ottawa’s Rama Lotus yoga studio. Practicing regularly for nine years, Tamsin has instructed Yoga for Athletes classes at Windhorse Yoga in Ottawa, charity classes for Team Diabetes and has also teaches yoga for the XC Chelsea Masters ski club. In 2010, Tamsin participated in a Yoga for Athletes teacher training lead by Sage Rountree in New York City. Tamsin’s Yoga for Athletes approach focuses on improving flexibility, relieving stress and pain, and body awareness. In addition to yoga, Tamsin actively participates in a variety of sports from triathlon to hiking to Nordic skiing.
Stephan Sanders
Stephan Racing

Stephan Sander – Past Ski Coach

Stephan is a part-time coach for dryland and on-snow sessions. He has represented Canada in international skiing competitions, including the world junior and senior championships. He was a long time member of Canada’s national ski team, a five-time Canadian champion and a previous winner of the Gatineau Loppet. Stephan has experience coaching junior and masters skiers in Montana and in the Ottawa area. Stephan coached the XC Chelsea Masters in 2010-11, the Nakkertok Masters in 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 and is an invaluable member of the coaching team.
XC Chelsea Master Sara and Chris Holloway in Gatineau Park
XC Chelsea Master Sara and Chris Holloway in Gatineau Park

Christopher Holloway – Past Ski Coach

Chris is a part-time coach for the on-snow sessions. Christopher represented Nakkertok on the National Capital Division (NCD) team, raced internationally in the 70s and was a Canadian championship medalist. Christopher turned to coaching, first as NCD coach in 1976-77, then as the NWT Technical Director in 1977-1979, and the Ontario Team head coach in 1979-1981. He authored the NWT Skiers Guide, earned his Level 4 Coaching certificate, and level 3 Instructor qualifications, and was a founding board member of CANSI, the Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors. Christopher was a member of the Soviet-Canadian Polar Bridge expedition skiing over the North Pole from Siberia to Canada in 1988 and received the order of Friendship from the USSR and the Pierre de Coubertin Award from UNESCO. Christopher was a part the first crossing of the Pen Ice cap, Baffin Island in 1989; he was a leader of the 1990 Student Icewalk expedition; and he was a co-leader of a 2005 North Pole expedition. Christopher was an assistant coach with the Nakkertok Masters in 2009-2010.
Petr Jakl at Sovereign Lakes 2011
Petr Jakl at Sovereign Lakes 2011

Petr Jakl – Past Dryland and Ski Coach

Petr was the assistant coach for the dryland and on-snow sessions in 2010-11. He led the strength training session on Thursdays and was one of the lead coaches for the Masters World Cup 2011 team. Petr joined us in 2009-10 as a substitute coach and a guest video analyst. Petr has extensive racing and coaching experience. For the past 25 years he has coached athletes of all levels, including national and international competition. Petr obtained an MSc at the Charles University in Prague in sports science education and high performance coaching. In the 1980s, he taught and coached children at one of the most popular sports schools in the Czech Republic. He also worked as a head coach and manager of the Czech national paralympic ski team and in 2002 led the top athletes to the Paralympic Games in Salt Lake City. In North America, Petr has taught youth, adults and masters at several ski clubs around the west coast of the USA and Canada. He later served as a regional ski coach in British Columbia. From 2007 to 2009 Petr coached the University of Maine Presque Isle Nordic ski team. At the same time he taught physiology, conducted classes in sports training, and led cross-country ski coaching programs at the university. Recently Petr moved to Orillia, ON to develop a new program for Ontario junior and U23 athletes as the head coach of the Southern Ontario Training Centre at Hardwood Hills. He still has an interest in the XC Chelsea Masters program will be providing consultation.


Stephan Lloyd – Past Roller Ski Coach

Steffan Lloyd is a coach and athlete out of Chelsea, QC. He is currently taking his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, and works as a Web Designer. He enjoys a good book, a tasty meal and long training sessions with friends.

Ezekiel Williams

Ezekiel Williams – Past Roller Ski Coach

Zeke was one of the main coaches for the roller ski sessions in 2012. He is an athlete in the high performance program at Nakkertok ski club and a member of the Quebec Ski Team. With 8 years of year-round ski training, multiple podium performances at races in the U.S. and Canada and the Junior B National Champion title for 2011, Zeke’s top goals for the 2012/13 season centre around qualifying for and racing at World Juniors. While skiing fast is Zeke’s biggest focus at the moment, he also enjoys mountain biking in the summer, playing the piano or the guitar, and reading too many books. When not participating in any of the above activities, he can be found at Carleton University, where he studies part time, pursing a double major in Math and Physics. Check out Zeke’s blog: for bi-weekly insights into what it’s like to be an aspiring xc ski racer in Canada.