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How do I register?


I stopped before completing registration. How do I complete it?

To start or complete registration see The Register page in the horizontal menu across the middle of the most website pages, has information about registration and the next steps. Read the XCCM Training Schedule page for a list of what is offered. XXCM Main Menu

How do I Login/Logout?

There are Login and Logout links of the front page (depending on whether you are logged in or not).  
Login: XCCM My Account
Logout: XCCM My Account They can be used to log in or out anyone who has a user id on the website.

Can I register my whole family at once?

No. Registrations are individual. To register more than one person using the same computer, follow the registration process for the first person. Once complete hit the Logout button. Then follow the registration process for the next person. If you make purchases at a later time you must login with the user-id of the person who the purchase if for.

I already have a user-id and password. How do I sign-up for fall/winter programs?

Where is the shop?
You can go directly to the Shop from the horizontal menu   XCCM SHOP

I put something in my Shopping Cart that I want to remove. How do I do that?

For each item listed in your Cart there is a tiny x to the left of the item. Clicking it will remove the item from your cart.   XCCM Shop delete

I know I will not make all practices. Do I have to sign up for every week?

For XCCM Members (i.e people who have paid the XCCM Club Membership), there are a limited number of $20/session drop-ins available per dryland and on-snow sessions. These are booked on-line from the Shop, (Where is the shop?). Select your drop-in date from the CHOOSE AN OPTION menu, then ADD TO CART, and procedure to checkout as per normal. dropin

What browser/computer/operating system do I need to best access the site?

Please make sure you are using an up-to-date version of one of the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. Don't forget to note your new userid and password that you create when registering and keep it in a safe place.

Who can I contact about registration problems?


Who can I contact for general inquiries?


Who runs XC Chelsea Masters?

XC Chelsea Masters (XCCM) is incorporated with Industry Canada as a not for profit organization. There is a Board of Directors that over sees the day to day operations of the club. For a greater understanding of the club's governance, members are encouraged to attend the XCCM Annual General Meeting.

Where does the money go?

We are a not for profit organization. The money collected goes to covering the club's expenses (equipment, coaching, CCC/NCD fees, etc). For a greater level of detail, members are encouraged to attend the XCCM Annual General Meeting.

What is a Master skier?

How old do I have to be to be a master?
At national and international competitions, by definition, a Master Skier is over 30. At XCCM we do not get hung up about age. We have members in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s.

I forgot my password. What can I do?

On the home page:

Select the Lost Password? Reset here. on the home page (when not logged in)


Which will bring you to:


Once you enter your email address (which is your user id) and click on the Get New Password button, you will see:


As it says in the middle of the page. You have to wait for an email to arrive to the email address you provided. Ignore the bottom part of that page about loggin in.

If your system is like mine there is a good chance it will end up in a spam folder, so do not forget to check there. The email will be similar to the following: lost3 Once you follow the link at the end of the email it will take you to:


It comes with a suggested (complicated) password. You can use that or make up your own . Once you have the password you want entered click on the Reset Password button. You will then be taken to the home page where you can login: XCCM My Account

How do I navigate the site?

The most commonly used pages are in a horizontal menu across the middle of most pages: XCCM Menu 1 There is also a set of menus at the top of every page. These Menus have loads of information in them: XCCM Menu 2 If you hover over the Home menu you will get all the same page selection as the horizontal menu: XCCM Menu Home   The About XC Chelsea Masters menu has general information about the club, training schedule, Board of Directors Composition, etc: XCM About   The Training menu has information about the various training programs, next practices, etc. XCCM Train 1 ...The Resources sub-menu has even more info, and the Associations further sub-menu has even more: XCCM Train 2   The Event & Training Camps menu has the Race Calendar, information about our XCCM club race (previously know as M4J), and the Fall & Winter camps as information becomes available. XCCM Event Finally there is the Photos menu. This has various club photos from over the years at various events. If you have photos with clubs members we would love to post them here. XCCM Photo

How do I get back to the Home page?

There are two ways to do this. - Clicking on the XCCM logo will always get you to the home page. - In the top menu clicking on the word Home will bring you there. XCCM Home