Gatineau Park Update

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Overall ski conditions

 Highlights :

Snowfall earlier this week, combined with the current cold temperatures, has allowed the maintenance team to establish a proper base on the parkways and to begin compacting operations on the trails. This work will allow us to officially launch the cross-country ski season this Saturday.

The parkway network will therefore be recommended as of December 16.

Grooming Operations :

The maintenance team is planning to operate in the night between Friday and Saturday in order to offer the best conditions for the weekends.

Should there not be more than 10 cm of snow accumulation between now and Sunday, the maintenance team will not operate in the night between Saturday and Sunday, since doing so could damage the work done prior.

Gatineau Park’s South sector

Parkways and trails : The parkway network will be groomed and track set again for the weekend. The snow base being too thin, the maintenance team will not be able to groom the other trails unless snow accumulation exceeds 10 cm.

Gatineau Park’s North Sector

Trails : The snow cover on the trails in the north sector is thinner than in the south.

The maintenance team has groomed trails 50 and 54 green in its entirety as well as part of trail 55 green (Taylor Lake Road) earlier this week.

Trail 50, between P19 and trail 55, as well as part of trail 55 green (Taylor Lake Road) were track set earlier this week. Please be aware that following an emergency event, vehicle tracks could be apparent.

These trails will not be maintained again barring any significant snow accumulation.

The maintenance team could not groom the other trails in the north sector due to the thin snow cover.

 Backcountry trails

The snow cover being too thin, the backcountry trails are not recommended.

You may keep up with the evolution of ski trail conditions at :

Other winter activities

The snow cover is relatively thin on the snowshoeing and snow biking trails.

The snow cover being thicker in the South sector, we are able to recommend trails 62-65-66-67.

The rest of the network is not recommended, you will encounter roots, leaves and rocks.

Ice could form due to the colder temperatures.

You may keep up with the evolution of snowshoeing and winter biking trail conditions by following these links: –

The following trails dedicated to winter hiking have been groomed : Sugarbush, Pioneers and Capital Pathway trail. The snow cover is too thin on the Lauriault trail to groom it.

Different trails for different activities

Be courteous to other users. Use only the trails dedicated to your activity.

To start the season on the right foot, make sure you have your season’s pass.

Please be cautious and enjoy the beginning of the season!