Gatineau Park Update

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Status of Gatineau Park’s Cross-Country Ski, Snowshoe, and Snow Bike Network, and Grooming Operations

Overall ski conditions

This week’s rainfall, combined with the sunny conditions from the last few days, contributed to the acceleration of the snow transformation cycle. The result is crystalline snow, which is easy to work with using our grooming machines, even with the thin snow depth we presently have. Apart from the work that was done this week on the Parkways, the team compacted many of our forest trails with snowmobiles.

Waxing tip:
The snow crystals now transformed, therefore rounded, we suggest that a warmer kick wax be used until the next snowfall. This adjustment will enable you to optimize your grip, while not significantly affecting your glide. The application of a base wax is also recommended in order to ensure the durability of your wax job.

Gatineau Park’s South Sector

Parkways and trails: The parkway network will be groomed and trackset Friday and Saturday night in order to offer the best conditions possible. The snow base being too thin, the maintenance team will not be able to groom the other trails unless snow accumulation exceeds 5 cm for snowmobile maintenance, or 10 cm to 15 cm depending on the snow type, for the use of the grooming machines.

Gatineau Park’s North Sector

Trails: Trail 50, between P19 and trail 55 (chemin du lac Taylor), as well as trail 55 (chemin du lac Taylor) will be trackset and groomed on Friday and Saturday night. If we receive more than 10 cm of snow, we will try to trackset and groom the whole length of trail 50, from P19 to P16.

Backcountry trails

The snow cover being too thin, the backcountry trails are not recommended.

You may keep up with the evolution of ski trail conditions on our Website.

Other winter activities

The snow cover is relatively thin on the snowshoeing and snow biking trails.

The whole network is presently recommended; however, expect to encounter rocks and ice.

You may keep up with the evolution of snowshoeing and winter biking trail conditions by following these links: Snowshoeing – Snow biking.

The following trails dedicated to winter hiking have been groomed: Sugarbush trail, Pioneers trail and part of the Capital Pathway trail. The snow cover is too thin on the Lauriault trail to groom it.

Different trails for different activities

Be courteous to other users. Use only the trails dedicated to your activity.

To start the season on the right foot, make sure you have your season’s pass.

Please be cautious and enjoy the beginning of the season!

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