Gatineau Park Update January 12, 2018

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Status of Gatineau Park’s Cross-Country Ski, Snowshoe, and Snow Bike Network, and Grooming Operations

Overall ski conditions

As the trail system gradually reached its full potential earlier this week, the rainfalls combined with the current mild spell are making the grooming conditions particularly challenging. The snow base is minimal, asphalt patches on the parkways (see the two attached pictures which were taken at the Huron Lookout and at Parking Lot P19) as well as rocks on the trails in the woods are apparent. There might also be debris on the network due to the current windy conditions.

The forecasted snowfall will not be sufficient in these circumstances to groom the trails in the woods. The maintenance team will delay the grooming operations in order to maximize the grooming operations on the parkways as well as on the trails that lead to the following starting points: P1, P3, P5, P6, P8, P9, and P10. Please note that the lack of snow does not allow us to recommend the P2 parking lot as a starting point.

Backcountry Trails:

The ice crust formed on top of the trail surface after the rainfall and the current mild spell resulted in the professional patrol to not recommend the backcountry trails. A snowfall of about 10-15 cm will be required to recommend them again. Rocks and ice patches may be apparent, following the cycle of freeze/thaw beginning this evening.

Keep up with the evolution of the ski trail conditions on our Website.

Snowshoeing, snow biking and winter hiking

The snow cover is relatively thin on the snowshoeing and snow biking trails. The snowshoe network is currently recommended, however conditions are not ideal. As for snow biking, expect variable conditions this weekend. We recommend checking to see if the base is firm enough (tracks no deeper than 2.5 cm) before going in. Ideally, wait for the snowshoers to compact the trails.

Keep up with the evolution of snowshoeing and winter biking trail conditions by following these links: Snowshoeing – Snow biking.

All trails dedicated to winter hiking will be groomed during the night from Friday to Saturday, except the Lauriault Trail where the snow cover might be too thin.

Different trails for different activities

Be courteous to other users. Use only the trails dedicated to your activity.

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Please be safe and enjoy winter activities in the Park !