Gatineau Park Update: January 26, 2018

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Status of Gatineau Park’s Cross-Country Ski, Snowshoe, and Snow Bike Network, and Grooming Operations

 Overall ski conditions


You can now ski on most of the trail network. The storm that hit the area on Monday brought a mix of rain and snow leaving 12 cm on the ground. The cold temperatures that immediately followed turned the trails into ice rinks, but our maintenance team has managed to bring them back to very good condition. That being said, some trails may be icy and have debris such as gravel or fallen branches. For your safety, we ask that you stay on the recommended trails.

All trails have been groomed between January 24 and 26, except 33 and 36 black. The snow base is too thin on these trails. Maintenance will also take place overnight from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday on the parkways and some close-by trails. As we expect to reach cold temperatures only late in the night from Saturday to Sunday, it is expected that machines will still be on the trails early Sunday morning. Be careful and take the opportunity to greet the team that works so hard to prepare our trails!

The recommended starting points are P1, P2, P3, P5, P6, P8, P9, P10, P11, P12, P16 and P19.

 Backcountry Trails:

The condition of the backcountry trails is not very good. The snow base is very icy and rocks are exposed. Therefore, the professional patrol does not recommend most backcountry trails. An accumulation of about 10 to 15 cm of new snow will be required to recommend them again.

Follow the evolution of the ski trail conditions on our Website.

Snowshoeing, snow biking and winter hiking

The snow cover is thin and very icy on the snowshoe and winter bike trails. Snowshoe trails are recommended provided you wear snowshoes or spikes under your boots. For winter biking, metal stud tires are recommended given the icy surface.

Follow the evolution of snowshoeing and winter biking trail conditions by following these links: SnowshoeingSnow biking.

The trails dedicated to winter walking were compacted overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday. An extra layer of snow is now needed for more machine grooming.

Different trails for different activities

Be courteous to other users. Use only the trails dedicated to your activity.

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Please be safe and enjoy winter activities in the Park!