Gatineau Park Update

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Status of Gatineau Park’s Cross-Country Ski, Snowshoe, and Snow Bike Network, and Grooming Operations

Overall ski conditions


The two snowfalls in November allowed our maintenance team to do compaction tests on the Parkways. This gave us a little taste of the winter season that seems to be around the corner. Snow is in the forecast this weekend, and with temperatures around the freezing point, this could keep the snow on the trails. If so, the maintenance team will gradually prepare the base of the trails.

Grooming operations:

If the snow quality and quantity permit it, the maintenance team is ready to start compacting work on the trails this weekend.

Gatineau Park’s South sector

Parkways and trails: The maintenance team will prioritize the Parkways and Trails #5 and #27.

Gatineau Park’s North sector

Trails: The maintenance team will prioritize Trail #50, from parking lot P19 to the intersection with the snowshoe trail #73, as well as trails leading to the ready-to-camp units.

 Backcountry trails

Backcountry trails have been regularly patrolled this fall, with tree trimming performed where necessary. The professional patrol will continue to inspect the trails, in order to evaluate the conditions once there is enough snow.

Please visit our website to stay up to date on the ski conditions and progress of the trail network:

Other winter activities

As some snowshoe and snow bike trails are not yet frozen, the snow coverage remains thin. Therefore, to avoid damaging the trails, it is recommended to wait until the official start of the season before using them.

Stay up to date on our snowshoe and snow bike trail conditions using the following links: –

As of December 1st, please note that the following trails are the only winter hiking trails: Sugarbush, Lauriault, Pioneers, and Capital Pathways.

Different trails for different activities

Please be courteous and respect other trail users. Only use the trails designated for your activity. To start the season on the right foot, make sure you have your season’s pass. A friendly reminder that the mountain biking season ended on November 30th.