Grooming Conditions March 10, 2017

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Status of Gatineau Park’s cross-country ski network and grooming operations

Overall ski conditions


92% of the groomed ski trails are still recommended as of today. The maintenance team is doubling up its efforts to break the ice and renovate the trails within freezing/thawing conditions. Temperature will drop from -20 to -30 during the day this weekend, following the important freezing starting today. As a result, trails will be icy during the day making conditions faster, so please be cautious, especially going downhilling. All parking lots remain recommended as starting points.

Grooming operations:

The maintenance team started its grooming operations yesterday at 10pm and completed the grooming around 6-7 am. The team plans to operate the same way this weekend in order to provide good ski conditions early in the morning.


Gatineau Park’s South sector

Parkways and trails: The parkway and trail network in the Southern sector will be groomed this weekend. Please note that some rocks are apparent on Trail #3. The section of Trail #29 in the field is very icy. Despite some obstacles into Hope Bay, the team is still able to groom Trail #36. The team will make its best to keep it up working on these trails but might not be able to groom them after this weekend.

Gatineau Park’s North sector

Trails: The trails in the northern sector will be groomed this weekend as well. The team was able to groom the section of Trail #53 from P19 to trail #51 yesterday morning. However, ski conditions are getting worse in the swampy area, so this section of the trail is not recommended.

Backcountry trails

The backcountry trails are not recommended due to icy surfaces.

For your safety, please stay on Recommended trails. Feel free to consult the ski condition webpage to get a better sense of trail network progress:

Happy skiing and please be safe!


Benjamin Hiard

Agent de programme, activités de plein air
Program officer, Outdoor activities