Grooming Conditions March 17, 2017

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Status of Gatineau Park’s cross-country ski, snowshoe and snow bike network and grooming operations

Overall ski conditions


100% of the ski trail network is recommended! Congratulations to the maintenance team for their hard work in providing good ski conditions following the recent meteorological events. The last snowfall helped bring back good ski conditions to some trails previously affected by rocks or icy sections. All parking lots remain recommended as starting points.A  beautiful sunny weekend is forecasted ! Enjoy it! Trails might freeze in the mornings but ski conditions should be excellent.The forecasted weather seems to be in favor of good ski conditions until March 31st . The conditions will be reassessed in April..

Grooming operations:

The maintenance team went out last night and plans to work every day this weekend.

Gatineau Park’s South sector

Parkways and trails: The parkway and trail network in the southern sector will be groomed this weekend.

Gatineau Park’s North sector

Trails: The trails in the northern sector will also be groomed this weekend.

Backcountry trails

Following the most recent snowfall, the backcountry trails are all recommended by patrollers. The base is hard and covered with a thin layer of fresh snow.

Feel free to consult the interactive map to get a better sense of trail network progress:

Other winter activities

80% of the snowshoe trail network is recommended while 100% of the snow bike trail network is recommended. All hiking trails remain accessible. Please consult our webpage : Please note that Parking Lot P-15 remains closed.


Different trails for different activities

Please be courteous and respect other trail users. Only use the trails designated for your activity.


Have a good weekend and please be safe!

Benjamin Hiard

Agent de programme, activités de plein air
Program officer, Outdoor activities