Grooming update February 23, 2017

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Status of Gatineau Park’s cross-country ski network and grooming operations

Following the intermittent rain over the past few days and the heavy rain expected over the next few days as well as next week, it is probable that we could lose all or part of our snow and would be left with the pre-season ice base.

Our goal will be to offer good ski conditions on a daily basis. We could be forced to reduce the number of kilometers for skiing. The maintenance team might also adjust their work schedules in order to get the best ski conditions on the network. Therefore you might see the maintenance team working on the trails during the day. The ski conditions report on the website and the interactive map will provide you a better sense of what was groomed and what will be groomed during the day. It consequently, might change your habits and have an impact on your outings.

You can expect marginal ski conditions during evenings due to daily rain and night freezing. Please keep this in mind before skiing.

The backcountry trails are not recommended. The ski patrol will install preventive signage on trails if necessary.


A more detailed message will follow tomorrow, mostly regarding the grooming forecasts for this weekend.

Feel free to consult the ski condition webpage to get a better sense of trail network progress:


Happy skiing and please be safe!


Benjamin Hiard

Agent de programme, activités de plein air

Program officer, Outdoor activities

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