How do I join XC Chelsea Masters?

New Members

Returning Members

Along the way you will be required to sign a digital waiver from Cross Country Canada, and may be asked to confirm birth date.
Once you are a member you can return to the Shop at anytime for further purchases.

Contact if you encounter any issues.

Late Owl Discounts for Fall Programs

Having a hard time letting go of summer? Not ready to give up your mountain biking, cycle-cross, or open water swimming? Still finishing off your summer reading list? Perhaps you just found this site and feel like you missed the boat on starting a fall dryland training program? No problem. We are here for you.

At the start of October and November the prices for the Fall Tuesday Dryland and Fall Saturday Dryland programs will be reduced. The prices will be pro-rated to the number of remaining sessions.

October 1:

  • $143 Tuesday Dryland (12 sessions)
  • $153 Saturday Dryland (12 sessions)

November 1:

  • $85 Tuesday Dryland (7 sessions)
  • $102 Saturday Dryland (8 sessions)

If you are registering late and would like to start before October or November, there are drop-ins for each of those programs that you can use to until the start of October or November.

Who can join XC Chelsea Masters?

To join the club and participate in the regular programming (e.g. Tue and Sat dryland, Tue and Sat ski practices, Strength Training for Masters, , Roller Skiing Clinics), you should have a minimum of 1 year’s experience skiing, either classic or skate. We will not be teaching you how to ski at our regular practices. You also need a minimum level of fitness, i.e., be able to sustain 2 hours of continuous aerobic activity in zone 1 or 60% of your max heart rate, be able to perform interval training, and be able to perform regular strength training, including exercises such as push ups, core exercises, squats, dead-lifts and assisted pull ups without risk of injury.

To learn how to ski, sign up for one of our new Learn to Ski for Masters Athletes (more info here).

If you have the minimum ski experience and minimum fitness level, becoming a member of XC Chelsea Masters (XCCM) involves a few easy steps and takes about five minutes to finish.

Please review our Refund Policy if you are concerned about not being able to complete a program.

Early Bird Combo Discounts for Fall Programs

Before the end of September 2017, if in a single transaction you purchase any two of the following three products Tuesday Dryland, Saturday Dryland, or Sunday Roller Ski, you will automatically receive a 10% discount. If you purchase all three you will receive a 15% discount.

FAQ: What you need to know:

  1. The programs that can be used towards the discount are: Tuesday Dryland, Saturday Dryland, Sunday Roller Ski.
  2. There are no discounts for XCCM Memberships or Strength sessions. If there are other items in the cart the discounts are only applied to the eligible products
  3. You have to purchase the 2 or 3 programs in one transaction to receive a discount.
  4. If you purchase individual programs separately, a discount won’t be applied.

Additional help: If you feel that you have a transaction with a missing discount, please take a screen shot of the table with the Products and Totals before clicking on Place Order and send it to Please provide details to let us know the difficulties you are having with registration. We will try our best to help.