Who we are

XC Chelsea Masters (XCCM) is a cross-country ski club providing a supportive training atmosphere to develop and improve Masters athletes. Our athletes are dedicated people committed to living a healthy lifestyle and working hard to reach their goals. Our talented coaches enable them to reach their potential by using proven coaching methods and training programs in a supportive and motivational environment.



We highly value the supportive and social environment that makes training with XCCM fun and rewarding. To maintain this environment, coaches and athletes must abide by these principles of conduct:


  • Coaches and athletes shall arrive for practices in enough time to prepare for the training so that it can start promptly. They shall also ensure they have all equipment and other training aids required.


  • Athletes shall listen to direction given by coaches and follow the drills as far as their physical condition allows. If they have a condition that limits their ability to perform any drill they should inform the coach so alternatives can be suggested.


  • All coaches and athletes shall be treated with courtesy and respect. At no time is it appropriate to make comments of an insulting, discriminatory or racist nature. The board shall issue a warning or expel from the club (or terminate the services of a coach) anyone engaging in such behaviour at its sole discretion as mandated under the bylaws.


  • The only occasion where public criticism (by a coach or athlete) is acceptable is when a coach corrects the technique of an athlete. Any such correction shall be done in a constructive manner that does not belittle the athlete. If an athlete has concerns about a coach and their methods they shall follow the complaint process outlined below.


  • XCCM social media sites (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) shall be used to post details about practices, races, social events and other subjects of interest to our membership. At no time is it appropriate for coaches or members to use these sites to post negative comments or any form of criticism about coaches or other members.



The Board acts as the forum to resolve any complaints about coaches, members, the training program or any other aspect of the club’s affairs. We are a club operated for our members and we take any complaint seriously. Coaches or members should approach a Board member if they have any issues and that Board member shall take appropriate action in accordance with our bylaws. For a list of the current Board, please visit https://xcchelseamasters.com/board-of-directors/