XCCM 2018 Fundrace

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Fundrace 2018 is held to raise funds to support elite Junior ski racers from the National Capital area who are bound to the World Championships.

The 2018 World Junior and U23 Championships will be held in Goms, Switzerland from 28 January until 3 February 2018. And just to go there, our Canadian athletes must pay $3,200 prior to departure from Canada.

So, while these elite athletes will be participating in the French Cup races on January 20-21, we will be raising funds and (having) fun racing for them ☺

Now renamed The Fundrace, this will be the 4th time XCCM is organizing this fundraiser! It all started in winter 2013, with both the 2013 and 2014 edition of the Masters For Juniors Time Trial being held in the Gatineau Park. Team sprints were introduced with the 2015 edition of M4J, held at Nakkertok South. See our past fund raising web page for details about those races, the recipients, and their awards.

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