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Refund Policy

The XC Chelsea Masters (XCCM) is a not-for-profit organization with the objective of promoting the sport of cross-country skiing. This document is meant to articulate the principles used by XCCM Board of Directors Board when considering requests for  refunds of payments of fees for programs.

The XCCM Board of Directors will consider requests for refunds from members on a case-by-case basis.

Guidelines for refunds:

  • Request for refunds will be considered for medical (including sport injuries) and extenuating circumstances and should be made as soon as the member is aware that they can no longer participate in the program.
  • Full refunds will be considered if the member submits the request before the start of the program.
  • Partial refunds will be considered on a pro-rated basis based on the merits of the request and when it is submitted to the Club.
  • Membership fees are not refundable.
  • In the event that a significant portion or the whole season is cancelled on account of lack of snow or other conditions beyond the Club’s control, the Club will strive to refund members those portions of the fees that have not been expended on coaching or other matters.
  • All requests should be made to, and will be discussed at the following XCCM Board-of-Directors meeting (approximately one a month).

Policy for Use of XCCM Club Roller Skis

The intent of this policy is to support XCCM members who are interested in trying rolling skiing or practicing roller skiing on their own, or participating in clinics and practices to learn how to roller ski. This policy is not meant to loan skis to members on a regular or repetitive basis. XCCM owns a number of pairs of roller skis which can be loaned under the conditions listed in this document.

  1. Requests will be directed to the Athletic Director.
  2. Coaches who are delivering roller ski clinics as part of the club programming have priority access to the full set of club roller skis.
    • Coaches will pick up the roller ski equipment prior to the clinics or lessons from where they are stored.
    • Coaches will return the equipment to the same place when not in use.
    • Coaches will distribute the skis to participants at clinics or lessons and ensure the skis are returned to them at the end of the each clinic or event.
  3. XCCM members may borrow a pair of roller skis from the club for their own personal use on an occasional basis for up to 3 days on a first come first served basis.
    • The roller skis will be returned to their storage location after the loan period.
    • If the roller skis are required for a club activity, members will be asked by the Athletic Director to return the equipment in time.
  4. Anyone loaning skis should stop using the equipment if they notice any malfunctioning or damage.
    • They will notify the Athletic Director of the problem upon return of the equipment. This is important to ensure everyone’s safety.
  5. Other requests for loaning XCCM roller skis will be directed to the Athletic Director for a case-by-case assessment.

XCCM Roller Ski Inventory, Oct. 12, 2016

Number of Pairs Style Binding Brand
1 Classic NNN Swenor
1 Classic NNN V2
2 Classic Salomon Elpex
1 Skate NNN Swenor
1 Skate Salomon F2
Total =6





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