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Foam Roller For Dryland Information 2014

Summer Storage of XC Skis

Strength Equipment For Dryland Training 2014

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2013: Race Week Advice From Coach Natalya

2014: More Race Advice From Coach Natayla

Coupe Skinouk Reflections by Coach Arthur

Race Schedules

These are coach Natalya’s latest and greatest updated schedules. Use these schedules to calculate your race-day schedules for a classic or skate race.

Classic Race Day Schedule

Skate Race Day Schedule

Excel Spreadsheet for editing(note there are two tabs): Sample Race Schedule Classic and Skate

SportLog  – On-line Training Log

Start using this great on-line training log created by Steffan Lloyd of Nakkertok! Any athlete should log basic training and performance information (e.g. hours of sleep, resting heart rate, time spent in each activity and zone) on a daily basis to track one’s performance from season to season, to monitor one’s health, prevent from overtraining or getting sick and determine how to alter your plan and goals over time. It is very useful to determine by how much you can increase or decrease your training volume and intensity year to year and month to month, according to your goals.

This training log is very simple to use. It’s in a calendar format, it’s intuitive, it can be printed, it can let you create graphs by different variables such as time spent in each training zone or activity and it’s inexpensive. Plus, if you want your coaches to check out your progress, it allows them to access it on-line, view your training and statistics, and provide comments and feedback!

Here’s how to start using SportLog.ca:   Click on the sportlog.ca link and then click on the athlete registration link. Fill in your personal information. Put “XC Chelsea Masters” as your training group and “skiing” as your registration code. You can choose to pay immediately or try it out for two weeks and then pay. The cost is $25 per athlete per year.

Go to http://sportlog.ca now!


Skate Ski Technique Videos

Check out the skate ski techniques in these new videos from 2012 and these videos from 2011 created by Petr Jekl.


Training Log

If you want to monitor your progress and and gauge how variables such as heart rate and sleep impact your performance, start keeping a training log. Below is a basic training log template for download:  monthly_training_log. It’s simple and easy to use, making it more likely you’ll fill it out every day.


Heart Rate Zone Calculator

 To calculate your heart rate zones for training, you will need your Max HR from a test or an estimate and your resting heart rate, taken first thing on waking in the morning. Plug them into the table and it will calculate your training zones. Download Heart_Rate_Zones_Template